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Home Pharmacy


5 Principles of Selecting Healthy Produce:

See what you see.  Really look at the vegetable or fruit.
If it looks tired, bruised or unhealthy don’t buy it.
Don’t purchase fruits or vegetables that have small holes or look unwell in any way.
Purchase fruits and vegetables that have vibrant colors and are healthy and alive looking.
Shop organic whenever possible.



Chronic Cough

Cumin Seed Powder (1/2 spn) + Coriander Powder (1/2 spn) + Fennel Seed Powder (1/4 spn) + Dry Ginger Powder (1/2 spn) + Black Pepper Powder (1/2 spn) + Cinnamon Powder (1/2 spn) + Aesofetida (a Pinch) .. Mix everything in Desi ghee for dry cough , otherwise in honey and make a paste..Take 1/4 spn of this paste every 5 hourly.

This paste (in honey) is even good for laziness and mental irritation.

Crones / Ulcerative Colitis 

Fresh home made curd (1/4 cup) + Dry Ginger(Saunth) powder (1/4 spn)  +  Coriander Powder (1 spn)+ salt .. Take this mixture 3 times a day before food.



Ground Papaya Seeds (1spn) + Sugar (1/2 Spn) + Little bit Cardamon ..Make small balls out of this mixture and eat for 4-5 days empty stomach.

Dry Cough

Take raw turmeric juice (1/2spn ) + ghee (1 spn) + powdered jaggery (shukkur ) (1 tps) ..Mix them together and make small balls..and keep in mouth during cough. In acute case the cough will subside wiyhin few hours and in old dry cough it may take up to 3-4 days.

Home made butter/white butter (1spn) +  powdered jaggery (shukkur/mishri) (1tps).. Keep Half spoon of it in mouth during cough and do not chew.

Dry Cough difficult to expectorate

Take ginger juice (1spn) + Basil ( Tulsi) juice (1spn) + yashti madhu (Licorice) (1spn) + honey (1spn)


Hoarseness of Voice

Castor Oil (1-2 spn) + Dry Ginger powder / Saunth (1-2 pintch)..Take every night before sleeping.


Marks on face

Papaya pulp + White Sandal Wood powder ..apply this paste for 5 min. every day till dry


Nervousness and Depression and Palpitation

Arjun powder (1 spn) + Black Pepper (1/4 spn) + Jaggery (1 spn) + Basil (Tulsi) seeds (1spn) .. Take this mixture three times a day.


Teeth Protection for Children

Take black pepper powder (1/2 tsp) + mix in rose water (2-3 spn)  + raw turmeric juice (1/4 tps) + black salt(1/2 tps) ..Apply this mixture on teeth every morning and then do gargles....

Tooth Ache
Take turmeric powder (1spn ) + black pepper (1/2 spn) + salt (1/4 spn) + clove powder (1/2 tps).. Apply on the paining tooth and leave for an hour.


Sty / Stye

Take a gold ring and rub the stye with the gold ring a few times everyday. It will stop the pain and the sty will go away.

Sty / Stye on eyes

Wet tea bags in warm water and place them on the eyes for 8-10 minutes. Do this several times a day. This shrinks the sty to half its size because of the tannic acid present in tea.


Vaginal Dryness
Ghee (1/2 spn) + hot water .. Take early morning empty stomach

Friday 11 October 2013

Organs Vs Emotions

Emotions are considered to be the major cause of almost all ailments. Different Emotions have different effects on our  organs. Any negative emotions coming to our brain ,sends out negative impulse to the organ which in turn result in the secretion of undesired chemicals and reactions in the body which further lead to health deterioration. 

The major emotions that seem to effect our heath are Anxiety, Sorrow, Fear, Anger, Joy, Rumination, Empathy
To know more about the relation of emotions to organs refer to this informative link below. 


Thursday 16 May 2013

TULSI :: A Medicine Par Excellence

Tulsi plant, an integral part of every Hindu home, regarded as divine. Tulsi/Basil in the courtyard of the house is a thousands of years old practise. Tulsi/Basil plant creates holy living in the home environment and its aroma in the air destroys disease causing bacteria and other toxins in the atmosphere.

Apart from the religious significance of Tulsi, it's a great drug in itself from the standpoint of science. Homeopathy and Ayurveda consider this Holy herb as an elixir, a panacea, cure all, a sovereign remedy.

Atharva Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hindu religion, narrates perpetual properties of Basil which means the Holy Herb helps beautifies human body, removes scars and spots and is a wonderful cure to skin related disease.

त्वयोषधेसा सरुपमिद कृधि,

श्यामा सरुप करणी पृथिव्यां अत्यदभुता

इदम् सुप्रसाधय पुना रुपाणि कल्पय॥

Shri Shobhanji,the renowned Vaidya wrote a poem in praise of Tulsi, whose translation goes as ::

"With Sharp taste and bitter after taste
Hot, light and dry in effect
It cures ailments originating in Kapha and Vayu
It stimulates hunger and improves digestion
It sharpens the intellect and grants spiritual ennoblement
It improves vision and benefits the heart
It imparts flavour and disseminates fragrance" 

The aroma of Tulsi protects from respiratory ailments. Daily intake of a leaf of Tulsi/Basil doesn’t allow the onset of fever. Basil leaf eating significantly increases our body's immunity. It is antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic, antiviral, decongestant, diuretic, disinfectant, Stimulant, anti-catarrhal, antidepressant, energising and restorative.


Homoeopathic View of Tulsi  

Tulsi has acquired an eminent position in Homoeopathic world. Greatly beneficial in women disorders, Headache, loss of memory, irritability in kids, redness of the eyes, allergies, runny nose, mouth ulcers, sore throat, burning, urination,fever, asthma and for many other chronic symptoms basil has been of great importance in homoeopathy. The 2nd,3rd, 6th, 30thand 200th Potencies have been used as advantage in all these diseases.

Ayurvedic View of Tulsi

Tulsi, is corroborant stomach and liver tonic. A wonderful remedy for Heart disorders. Sniffing and chewing away the faint smell of leaves. Good for earaches. There are countless number of ailments for which Ayurveda uses this Holy herb as a remedy.
Tulsi/Basil Herb to Cure Diseases

Throat and breathing problems  
  • In cough and Sore throat keep the root of Basil plant in mouth.
  • In respiratory diseases Basil leaves with Black salt gives a good relief.
  • Chew Basil Leaves along with 4 roasted cloves to relieve cough.
  • In cold and Cough Tulsi leaves along with ginger and black pepper is useful.

Problem associated with fever
  • In high fever, Chewing Tulsi Leave along with Honey every 3 Hours gives relief.
  • Drinking Tulsi /Basil juice ,1 teaspoon everyday prevents fever.
  • Tulsi and Ginger paste mixed with honey relives fever in cold.
  • Taking 10 Tulsi leaves along with 4 Black Pepper relieves malarial fever.

 Skin problems associated with the disease
  • The medicinal properties of Tulsi juice contains Thaimol element which is beneficial in skin diseases.
  • To treat Leucoderma by Tulsi leaves have been used successfully.
  • Grind the roots of Tulsi and mix with water and add dry ginger .This mixture taken in morning helps in leprosy.
  • Leprosy which may be affected by basil leaves. Eat and rub the juice on the affected spot.
  • Tulsi Leaf paste applied on eczema is very beneficial.
  • Tulsi leaf juice mixed with orange juice and applied on face removes acne.
  • Apply Tulsi Leaves paste to heal wounds faster

Vomiting and Diarrhoea
  • In case of vomiting Tulsi leaf juice with honey should be taken.
  • In Diarrhoea Tulsi leaf juice mixed with roasted cumin seeds to be licked with honey three times a day to get the benefits.  

  • Tulsi leaf extract along with one spoon honey, taken every morning and evening removes headache permanently.
  • Tulsi Tea helps to remove headache.

Eye problems  
  • Drinking Tulsi juice relieves eye pain, night blindness.
  • For irritation of eyes Tulsi juice extracts prove to be very effective.
  • Night blindness can be cured by putting two drops of juice for 14 days.
  • Applying Tulsi leaf paste on eyes like Mascara helps in eye lash growth.
  • Putting it's juice in ears without adding water helps relieve ear pain.
  • Camphor mixed with Tulsi juice and warmed, helps in earache instantly.

Mouth infection
  • Mouth ulcers and other infections that are proven profitable by use of Tulsi leaves.
  • Tulsi helps in removing mouth infection.
  • Dry Tulsi leaves mixed with Mustard Oil is used to clean teeth and remove bad breath.
  • Tulsi tea removes ulcers of mouth.

  • Basil helps to strengthen the kidneys. Kidney stones can be removed with the juice of Tulsi leaves (basil extracts) taken for 6 months with honey , consumed regularly in slips.

Menstrual Problems
  • For painful menses, Tulsi seeds in a glass of boiled water, boiled till it remains half to be taken during menses to remove pain.

Heart disease
  • Ten basil leaves, four to five black pepper and a teaspoon of honey mix all and with half a glass of water to be taken in winters to recover from all types of heart diseases.
  • 4-5 Tulsi and neem leaf juice added in 2-4 tablespoon water, to be taken for 7 days in the morning empty stomach cures high blood pressure.
  • Tulsi is a blessing in heart diseases, it also regulates cholesterol in blood.

Wounds, Injuries and Pimples
  • Ground Basil leaves and make a paste and apply on wounds , stops bleeding immediately.
  • Basil juice along with coconut oil , cook together on low flame till the tie it starts leaving oil, apply on pimples and leave.
  • Basil seeds on grinding and applying hot fills the wound.
  • Basil and camphor powder applied to wound dries it quickly.

Children Diseases
  • In Children's common ailments such as colds, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. basil juice is beneficial.
  • Tulsi extract helps children in vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, cold etc

Benefits in general
  • Morning, empty stomach take 2-3 teaspoons of Tulsi juice, this increases physical strength and memory.
  • Tulsi is extremely beneficial for controlling body weight.
  • In a few drops of Tulsi juice add some salt and put on the nose of unconscious person , he will regained consciousness.
  • Tulsi is plenty to get rid of pollution and pollution borne diseases.
  • The tonsils does not wear garlands of Tulsi.
  • Tulsi juice with honey to be taken regularly for a few days, improves intellect, it is a sort of tonic.
  • Ground leaves ofTulsi, a teaspoon of honey , will you drink, your cheeks will glow.
  • Tulsi is a panacea for blood deficiency. Regular intake improve haemoglobin.
  • Dried leaves of Tulsi leaves destroy mosquitoes.

Precautions in using Tulsi

Tulsi's nature is hot so to reduce heat effect always take it with curd or butter milk, its thermal properties will become mild.
Do not pluck Tulsi leaves at Night because it may cause body disorders as it’s electromagnetic waves are prominent after sunset.
Do not drink milk after intake of basil, skin problems can occur.
Do not warm Tulsi juice with honey because with the hot objects honey acts as a venom.
Milk , radish, salt, onion, garlic, meat, citrus fruits are harmful to eat along with Tulsi.
Do not chew basil leaves with your teeth , if you do eat, be sure to rinse immediately because the contents present in Tulsi destroys the enamel of teeth.

Natural splendor
Tulsi/Basil plant has a favourable impact on the environment. It cleans the air , removes toxins , and freshens up the surroundings. 

Ref :: Holy Basil Tulsi by Yash Rai

Sunday 6 January 2013

Homeopathy For Toothache

Homeopathic Medicine is useful in the treatment of problems related to teeth Homeopathic remedies toothache, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, tooth grinding teeth associated with disease or other illness can be effectively treated.

Curing Toothache Via Homeopathy

Tooth pain also known as Odontalgia is a common problem in which there is pain in the gums around the teeth, gums may become swollen which may cause intense pain.

• Due to dental caries or tooth decay.
• Due to Inflammation and infection of the tooth.
• Due to Abscess in the teeth.
• Due to Breaking or Cracking of the teeth.
• Due to gum disease.
• Due to appearance of the tooth root.
• Due to food particles stuck in between the teeth or the gum line.
• Irritation in the nerves of the tooth due to teeth grinding or rubbing together hardly.

Many Homeopathic remedies like Mercurius, Chamomila, Belledona, Plantago, Coffea, Silicia, Calcaria Flour, Calcaria Phos, Staph, Kerisotum, Arnica, are used to treat toothache. The medicines that are given to you are based on your symptoms of pain.

Spigelia -- Left sided ,infection in root canal ,
Mercurius -- Toothache due to inflamed gums worse at night and in damp weather. Jaw feels sore and is worse by warmth. Ulceration and offencive odour from mouth.
Hekla Lava -- Tooth ache due to abscess and swelling of the gum .
Chamomilla -- For intense extreme pain worse on eating warm food.
Belledona -- Throbbing burning pain worse at night and sensitive to touch
Coffea -- Pain in hypersensitive people worse while chewing, worse from warm drink.
Hypericum -- Pains from injuries and infection.
Plantago -- Soreness and sensitive to touch teeth, worse lying on the affected side.
Silicia -- abscesses around the roots of the teeth, worse at night, worse from eating warm food
Ruta -- Good before and after tooth extraction.
Homeopathic treatment of dental problems such as mouth ulcers, swollen gums, tooth pain, teeth grinding, teeth, abscesses, etc., is very useful. Homeopathic mouthwashes which are made from the mixture of various herbs ,may be used as home remedies. Homeopathic medicine and treatment can take good care of the teeth so that the teeth are healthy.

Home Remedies for toothache :

Clove Oil -- The best know messaging oil for tooth aches , for instant relief.
Garlic -- Garlic paste mixed with slight rock salt .It's also good to chew one garlic in the morning        to  make teeth strong and healthy.
Onion -- Chewing raw onion for few minutes is good to kill all the germs in the mouth.
Lime --   Lime is a good source of vitamin C. It prevents decay and loosening of the teeth, dental caries, toothache, and bleeding of the gums
Asafoetida -- Heat it a little bit and add lemon juice and apply on the effected area to relieve pain.
Pepper -- Its daily use prevents cavities, bad breath, bleeding from the gums, painful gums, and toothaches.Powdered pepper can be mixed with turmeric and rose water and applied at the effected area. Applying it regularly on children teeth, make the children teeth very healthy.
Fresh peppermint --Used as home remedy for toothache relief

Bach Flower Remedies for Toothache

Cherryplum -- Screaming from toothache
Rescue Remedy -- Messaging on effected area helps
Mimulus -- Fear that eating will cause pain /fear of going to dentist
Crab Apple -- Desire to grow away the effected teeth

Exercises for Teeth
Keep the lips closed. Press the upper jaw on lower jaw many times continuously for twice a day. Then massage the gums with the tongue. This helps in proper blood circulation in teeth keeping then healthy.