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Prunus Cerasifera……

The thorn less young shoots of a tree or shrub growing  in February to April . The flowers are pure white , slightly larger than those of black thorn or haw thorn.
Emotional Group: Fear…

Key Indications : Fear of mind loosing control, Fanatic, Fear of mental Emotional Breakdown, Desperation and destructive impulses.
  • The main aspect of Cherry Plum is uncontrollable.
  • Uncontrollable anger , unquenchable thirst, uncontrollable weeping, unbearable, unreasonable.
  • Irresistible temptations, intolerable , unbearable pains, anything that is extreme can be related to Cherry Plum.
  • Mental impulses like killing someone, suicidal thoughts, destructive impulses, temporary insanity.
  • Impulsive (violent) physical acts. Will hit or abuse family members in fit of anger.
  • Uncontrollable emotional acts like grinding teeth, shaking legs, rage, desire to bit, clinch, throwing things, shrieking.
  • Fear of loosing control.
  • Uncontrollable spending , hypersensitive, Hysterical tantrums, shouting , yelling.
Positivity Expected is :
  • Better control over self.
  • Trust in God or Divine
  • Inner calm, clear reasoning and thinking
  • Able to control emotions, anger, reduced impulsiveness
Cherry Plum
Homoeopathic Remedies and Cherry Plum By Dr Rohit :

Stramonium : Uncontrolled rage, manic states, with potential to kill; sexual aggression; fear of the dark and of nightmares, of death, of being alone, of animals, of water; nervous tics; stammering; nervous breathing syndrome; spasmodic movements, convulsions; hyperactivity, superhuman strength.

Hyoscyamus : Manic, wild, sexually uninhibited behaviour; impulses to kill, but usually does not act on them; heightened loquacity and gossipping, suspicion and jealousy restlessness, hyperactivity, Belladonna : Highly sensitive senses and nerves; sudden outbursts of anger with desire to strike; mania with superhuman strength and hallucinations; fear of dogs; grinding of teeth; hypertension, hypertensive crisis; twitching, convulsions; aggravation from hormonal imbalances.

Veratrum album: Mentally overactive and high-strung and show restless, repetitive behaviour,adults are self-righteous, anger and violence; jealousy, increased sexuality; manic-depressive stages, schizophrenia, hyperactivity; hysterical neurosis; cramps, twitches, coldness of body, especially of hands and feet.

Tarentula : Mania with violent destructiveness; great hurriedness and hyperactivity; cunning, disobedient, and manipulative; sexual over activity; twitches and jerks, hyperesthesia (increased sensitivity to touch).

Melilotus : Insanity states, mania; lack of power of concentration; delusions of being pursued, of having to escape, suspicious; loquacity; hypertension; eating of refuse; restlessness,

Aurum Met: Overexerting mentally, serious, depressive; sudden outbursts of anger; suicidal disposition to escape the anguish of life.

Argentum nitricum: Weak, anxious, hurried, unsettled, impulsive mind,suicidal impulses, suggestibility, anxious self-observation; compulsive thoughts and behaviour; stage fright; hypertension; twitches and tremors; diarrhoea from fright.

Reff :- Bach Flower Therapy , Mechthild Scheffer
Bach Flower Remedies , D.S. Vohra

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