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Larix Decidua ...

A  tree growing on hills and edges of woods . Male and female flowers grow on the same tree . They open at the time when needles just become visible as tiny bright green fruit .

Emotional Group : "Despondency and Despair"

Key Indications :  Lack of Self Confidence, Inferiority complex, Anticipating failure.

  • Lacks confidence to take risk. Fear of failure, fear of being criticised.
  • Self conscious, scared to take up any new task, they feel they can not do it , they are bound to fail.
  • In spite of being capable they are convinced of their failure and do not work.
  • They lack ambition due to lack of self confidence.
  • They are shy and avoid situations to be faced where the person may come in limelight.
  • Inferiority complex may be developing since childhood.
  • They are jealous of other's achievements ,they do appreciate others and thing that they can never reach to such heights., or even for a smallest of task they think they are incapable.
Positivity Expected is :
  • Gain Self Confidence.
  • Willing to try new things , remove the apprehension that they can not do it.
  • Concentrates on the work on hand instead of thinking of failure.
  • Can feel the joy of success.
  • Start to believe in themselves and their capabilities.
  • Do not get disheartened by difficulties.
  • Become positive and start getting the feel that they can do it.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies by Dr. Rohit :
Larch– Lack of self confidence, feels ca not accomplish, failure is bound to happen. Never takes initiative.
Cerato – Lack of faith on his own decisions,depends on  others advice, but do take initiative.
Scleranthus – Lacks quick judgement.Oscillates between two opinions, takes his own decisions although he has no trust on his own decisions.
Mimulus  – Fear of upcoming events , temporarily looses confidence.
Crab Apple -- Lack of confidence due to physical appearance.


Homeopathic Remedies and Larch By Dr Rohit :

Anacardium : Feelings of inferiority, desire to prove own self, indecision and fear of failure, depressive to the point of suicide, self-absorbed, does not like to be looked at.

Baryta Carb: Low self-esteem, shyness, craving to be accepted by others, puts emphasis on a good appearance, strong apprehension about rejection, irresolution, low stamina in mind and body.

Lac Can: Excitable, many fears such as fear of diseases, of death, of fainting, persistent belief that own self is looked down upon by others, low self-confidence.

Lycopodium: Dreads undertaking new things, fears failure, yet, craves power, recognition, and achievement, irresolution.

Pulsatilla : Gentle and yielding, low self-confidence, feels forsaken, easily influenced, emotional diarrhea.

Silica: Yielding and fainthearted, fear of failure in public endeavors, especially fear of public speaking, fixed ideas, shyness, indecision, low stamina in mind and body.

Thuja: Feels worthless and inferior, is afraid that the others find out, seeks to be popular, to be accepted by others, fixed ideas, irresolution, hesitancy of personal expression, depressive feeling of being forsaken.

Cocculus : Loss of willpower and seeing them through, anxious and apprehensive, feels as if had failed or done wrong, tired mind, slow of comprehension, depression, low stamina, chronic fatigue syndrome, may come on from loss of sleep.
Kali carbonicum: Strong-willed, exercises control over emotions, conforms to rules, yet is plagued by anxieties and low self-confidence, dread and anxiety are felt in the stomach, persistent worry.

Naja : Self-depreciation, feels own self to be a failure, believes mistakes cannot be rectified, knows what is right to do, but feels uncontrollable urge not to do so, resulting low self-esteem, exaggerates problems, dwells on troubles.

Reff :- Bach Flower Therapy , Mechthild Scheffer
Bach Flower Remedies , D.S. Vohra

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