Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WATER CURE ....Importance Of Adequate Hydration

"Water is the softest thing , yet it can penetrate mountains and earth . This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness." ..................Lao Tzu

Water, One of the important element out of five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Mental)  that represents the fluid matter. The protector of the body, the one that provides the basic nourishment.

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for healthy glowing skin, A well hydrated skin doesn’t get wrinkles and proper moisturising avoids dryness of skin and helps to look it younger of long time. Drinking plenty of water help to reduce dark circles.

For Good Digestion and Proper Assimilation of nutrients it’s very important to consume ample amount of water. For proper metabolism and proper expulsion of waste, water in sufficient amount is needed. Drinking adequate amount of water eases Bowel Movement and Relieves Constipation.

Drinking plenty of water also reduces the risk of heart diseases because proper hydration maintains the viscosity of blood and plasma.
Drinking lot of water help to eliminate these toxins from body. Drinking water regularly in large quantities helps to remove toxins
Drinking a glass of water before every meal helps in weight reduction.

Water regulates body temperature and boosts the immunity of body.
Hot or Cold ..... Water is beneficial
Water can be taken as cold water as well as hot water.In different temperatures water provides different benefits.

Cold Water not only quenches thirst but also relieves tiredness, fatigue ,vomiting sensation and is effective in reducing alcohol intoxication.
Hot Water on the other hand is very effective in good digestion , relieves hunger, removes hiccoughs , helps in bladder cleaning and relieves sore throat and breathlessness. Warm water consumption eases discomforts caused due to bronchitis and arthritis.
Best Ways For Water Intake
To avail the maximum benefit of water the most holistic way to intake water is , every morning drink the water stored in copper vessel overnight On  storing water in copper container water gets ionised which destroys  unwanted bacteria and viruses are destroyed. In ancient times the yogi’s used to carry water stored in copper pots called “Kamandal .Scientists believe copper vessels kill
harmful  bacteria which causes food poisoning .

Make your water intake more delicious more refreshing with these water Recipes :
Take fresh Fruits and Veges ...Dip them in water and refrigerate for hours ...
Pineapple Strawberry Water
Cucumber Lemon Water
Cucumber Melon Water

Strawberry Tulsi Water
Lemon Mint Water
Lemon Tulsi Water
Orange Mint Water

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